Why Agile and Why It Matters

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Your business is always changing, always improving. Your software should too.

Our agile process allows for that constant evolution and optimization that makes your software a seamless, indispensable asset to your organization. Time and time again we’ve seen the agile process produce results for our clients faster and with higher efficacy and intentionality.

Instead of requiring a lengthy design and build process where your issues sit unresolved for months, agile starts with answering immediate problems for quick value and remediation. The focus is on delivering immediate value, then building and adding features as needed.

With that comes a beautiful freedom—once you start using the software, you can see how it works and decide what you do and don’t need, saving your company thousands in unnecessary development. You have the ultimate freedom to choose and explore what you need, and it happens on a shorter timeline than ever possible with traditional development.

So, what does the agile process look like?


1- Environment Assessment
We develop a holistic view of what you might need. We listen to pain points and ask question after question to uncover root causes.

2- Develop Backlog
We come up with a plan for long-term resolution and efficacy.

3- Prioritize
We prioritize immediate value and plan out deliverables into two-week time frames for quick results.

4- Development
You get value from each development phase within 2 weeks. You start testing each portion of your solution, provide feedback, and analyze results.

5- It’s all yours
The solution becomes ingrained in employee workflows, and we move onto developing the next feature that will help your organization and employees the most.

Every stage of agile is about optimization and progress.

At every turn, it's all about making every system you use better, faster, and more efficient so you can do every part of your business better.

Because we prioritize value at CSG, our solutions deliver net zero investment cost in 18 months or less. To reimagine what your software can do for your business, get in touch with one of our development experts today at the form below.


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