From Projects to Partnership: Driving Long-Term Value

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When choosing a custom software or data solutions partner, it’s essential to look for that consultant that will serve your organization for the long-term, not just on a project-by-project basis. Why? If they don’t truly understand your organization on the long-term goals level, they won’t be able to deliver solutions with lasting value.

You’ll end up wasting time and money on building new relationships and overhauling previous technology rather than using the momentum of an established partnership to innovate.

So, what should you look for when choosing a new data or software partner?

1- They should be curious and creative

Any data or technology consultant should come to the table with more questions than you thought possible, and they should want to get input and feedback from employees on all levels of your organization. Curiosity and creativity are essential to business growth and delivering truly innovative solutions.

Ask yourself: Are they listening intently to get to know how my business functions? Are they interested in learning our day-in and day-out processes before proposing a solution? Do they have a track record of innovative solutions and other long-term partnerships to share results from?

2- They should deliver proof of concept

Before entering into a long-term partnership, a good technology consultant should deliver proof of concept. Test out the relationship and results with a proof of concept before engaging in that multi-year contract, and look into their previous partnerships to see how long those engagements lasted. Do they have proven experience and a long record of results?

3- They'll calculate potential ROI

At CSG, our solutions deliver net zero ROI within 18 months. When you engage with a new consulting company, ask for an estimated ROI on the solution to ensure it will deliver long-term value. If results will be more qualitative in nature, consider how to follow up on qualitative results through employee feedback or surveys post-implementation. A strong partner will always be willing to report on end performance.

4- Their track record speaks volumes

Experience matters. Look for a consultant with a proven track record of long-term relationships and results. If other companies have kept them around for years, not months, they’re a proven, profitable asset and strategic partner, not just a software delivery machine. (One helps you envision how to make more money with innovative solutions, the other just does what you ask.)

A strong data and technology partner will be someone that you can envision working with two, five, and ten years down the road.

They’re not just there for a 6-month project. They’re there to listen to your goals, keep an eye out for every opportunity, and then work together to take your organization to the next level with data and innovative technology.


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