Stop Asking for RFPs

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At CSG we value doing what WORKS.

That’s why when you ask for an RFP, we won’t just start preparing one for you. Our strategy is to DIVE DEEPER first.

It usually looks like asking more questions than you thought possible, understanding your business inside and out, talking to key stakeholders, and actually looking into the current state of your solutions.

We’re not about throwing solutions at what you think is the problem. Data is complex. So we think of ourselves as more of the detective agency of data problems. We’re not quick to make assumptions, but once we finish our assessment you can be sure that we’ve hit the root of what needs to change.

There are a few things an RFP can’t give you:

  1. A full view of the problem in your organization and all the factors involved
  2. A variety of possible ways to deliver value based on your timeline and overall business goals
  3. A long-term plan so the same problems don’t keep coming up again.

Like a bad infection, if you don’t address the root, the symptoms will keep returning.

We are passionate about not only remedying the perceived data issues but also understanding what led to it so every facet of your data systems and processes can work seamlessly. When we do that, you get immediate, incremental results with guaranteed lasting value.

When we do give you a proposal, you can be sure:

  • We’ll only suggest solutions that closely align with your business goals and needs
  • We base our suggestions on complete understanding of the state of your current systems (lessening the likelihood of unforeseen roadblocks and expenditures)
  • You’ll see value all along the way, rather than going through a lengthy development process before seeing results
  • The opportunity to give feedback and take part in transformation will energize your employees.
  • You’ll have a greater understanding of how the data you have can tangibly grow your business or save you money

At CSG we design every solution to deliver the long-term best for your organization. To talk to one of our data experts about data problems and setbacks you’re seeing at your company, get in touch at the form below.


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