We Got Refreshed!


We at csg celebrate 30 years of being in business this year.   It’s something to celebrate, but we aren’t resting on our laurels, not even a little bit!

Often, re-branding initiatives happen without much rhyme or reason.  If you know anything about us at csg, you know that was not the case.  This has consumed much of our attention for 2019, and we considered the voices of our: client partners, our employees, as well as the market.

Refresh our look & feel

This will be our third icon in 30 years.  We know that it’s not the reason someone partners with us, but we did want to communicate an evolution of our company. 
We appreciate the past, but are looking towards a bright future.

Focused Messaging

Our company originated as a custom software development company when many thought personal computing was not going to ‘take off’. 
Along the way, we have established a strong brand in business intelligence, data analysis and mobile enablement.  As you can imagine, the messaging got messy.

Why, How, What

The method used to simplify our messaging has been brought back to style by Simon Sinek through his book Start with WHY.  The method is simple, a company must start with the core purpose of ‘Why’ they do business.  That extends into a proprietary methodology or process (‘How’), then finally into ‘What’ the business offers to the market. 

After reviewing years of client partner feedback, employee surveys and finally market trends, we distilled it all down to this; the reason we at csg exist as a business is to improve people’s lives… empowering them to be better, faster, more accurate and effective.  Some may say that the greatest asset in the world is data, but we feel that the right data in the hands of the right people is the best combination, and that’s why we come to work everyday; to solve that unique equation for each of our client partners, and for anyone who’s not been able to crack that code themselves!

We are as firmly grounded in our core values as we have ever been, but we wanted to update how that is communicated to the public.  We are csg, and we are here to serve!

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