Creating a Data-Driven Company Culture With The Tableau Blueprint

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Having data isn’t the end goal. Using it is. If employees are not equipped to access the data available across a company, the value of the information is lost. Our aim at CSG is to equip you to make your goal of a fully integrated data-driven culture a reality, and this happens by empowering your people.

In data-driven cultures, key players have access to the information they need, right when they need it, so they can make analytics-informed decisions. Data is at the center of every conversation. Establishing this culture takes organization-wide change. 

With an effective roadmap for implementation, widespread organizational change is possible. We are excited to share that Tableau has recently come out with the Tableau Blueprint – a step-by-step guide to building a data-driven culture that permeates your organization. The Tableau Blueprint simplifies the process of organizational change by giving companies a proven game plan for implementation with the ultimate goal of making all the information they gather, store and organize, truly useful.

The transformation to a data-driven culture starts with outlining a clear vision for analytics and desired results and making sure key players are involved at the onset. With a unified vision and clear responsibilities, your organization will be equipped to successfully implement change. Your leaders will be ready to make decisions that enable every employee to harness the value of your company’s data. This includes decisions that not only give people the right tools, but also foster the development of new skills, create new behaviors, encourage participation and recognize achievement company-wide. 

Your company can then develop the three essential capabilities of any successful data culture: agility, proficiency and community.


Agility includes establishing environments that are secure, flexible and maintained regularly. Agile environments are stable but can easily grow with your organization.


Proficiency ensures users are well trained in how to use your company’s data visualization and analysis tools. Training programs for data-literacy are put in place, data use is measured and optimized, and best practices are established to guide users.


Strong data-driven cultures ensure employees have access to a community of communication, engagement and support. Efficient communication practices are established, collaboration is encouraged as habit and strong support environments ensure there is no unnecessary interruption in data access for any employee.

These three capabilities ensure your employees are provided with adequate resources and support to continue using the tools to make data-informed decisions. With endless analytics and data visualizations available through Tableau, every employee has the opportunity to discover valuable and transformative insights through your company’s data.

At CSG, we’re committed to helping companies successfully transform to a data-driven culture through partnership and ongoing coaching. We’re not just about access. Implementation is key.


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