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Computing systems can be complex beasts. This is particularly the case for those that are organization-specific, having been developed from the ground up to serve a very specific purpose. For organizations without the appropriate expertise it’s tempting to stick with outmoded systems because they’ve done the job so far. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, the thinking goes. But often it is broke, and does need fixing – businesses just choose to look the other way. But often an organization won’t realize the error of their ways until their system is suddenly overwhelmed or proven insufficient. And a change of circumstances – however major or minor – can quickly blindside a company. Often, it’s growth of the company that reveals the problems with legacy systems. What then? How do you change or upgrade your system when it’s not up to the task, and you now have the added stress of external pressures like filling more customer orders more quickly as your business grows?

Whether your organization is taking proactive or reactive action, the answer to your systemic worries is the same. You call csg. As a custom software development company with almost over three decades of experience, csg has an enviable track record of designing, constructing and implementing custom solutions that solve the specific problems its clients face. Banks, health care providers, retail giants, marketing firms; whatever the organization or industry, csg boasts a smiling customer that has benefited from its market-leading custom solutions.


easing organizational growing pains

Growth – if a company had to choose one problem to have, the aches and pains of expansion would likely be it. And in the world of mergers and acquisitions, these growing pains can be particularly sharp. This was certainly the case for one csg client, a $400+ million marketing solutions company who sought to acquire a major competitor. The problem? When we say a major competitor, we mean a major competitor – the acquisition would see our client’s revenue instantly double, and its customer base grow by no less than 1000%. And so csg went to work on this unique challenge, designing and architecting an entirely new operational system that could handle the increased load, and that would also evolve and develop with our client into the future.

The result? An entirely smooth and successful acquisition that was hardly felt by the transitioned customers. No industry is perhaps as active in the M&A space as finance, and when a regional bank worth $8 billion was looking to expand through a series of acquisitions, it realized that its current systems weren’t going to be up to the task. The issue was that the acquisitions tabled by the bank would result in both its product and customer bases growing exponentially. They realized that to stay ahead of the game in what is an ultra-competitive industry, they would require a solution that could both handle the added complexity caused by these new acquisitions, and would be able to generate market insights. So that’s exactly what we at csg delivered. You can check out the case studies for these solutions here: Double the Revenue and 10x the Clients:

csg enables firm to navigate huge acquisition 
worth $8 billion and rapidly expanding
csg helps a bank to keep pace with it's success


getting those ducks in a row

While growth and acquisitions no doubt help an organization’s bottom line, sometimes getting your house in order can offer just as big an upside. For one of the nation’s largest non-profit healthcare delivery organizations, inefficiencies were proving a serious thorn in the side. Servicing 15 hospitals, the organization had no universal logistics system to provide consistent, standardized views of organization-wide information. Processes were plagued by human error, information was difficult to access, and the provider’s immense buying power was nowhere near being realized. Enter the team at csg, who delivered a solution that streamlined and automated a large chunk of the non-profit’s systems and procedures, and delivered no less than $50 million in savings in the first 12 months alone. A similar issue was being felt by one of the largest independently-owned marketing agencies in the country. Inefficiencies were rife, particularly in the execution of campaigns. Internal systems and procedures were long overdue for an upgrade requiring excessive time and labor that was costing the agency an arm and a leg. They also saw impatient customers being lost to competitors. The need for a complete upheaval saw csg taking a holistic approach, delivering not only a solution capable of all that the agency needed and more, but also streamlining the surrounding workflows.

The result: the agency can now execute marketing campaigns more effectively and efficiently than ever before. And sometimes a one-off efficiency or capability solution leads to an enduring partnership between csg and an organization. This was certainly the case with a 3500+ member co-op – the dominant player in its field. Over the course of the last decade csg has offered multiple solutions to this organization, facilitating everything from rebate tracking to data warehousing, subsequently allowing the cooperative to not just dominate its own market, but to expand into over ten others. Learn more about these systemic solutions in the following case studies:

csg offers a large healthcare organization a cure for it's systemic overspending
a decade of solutions: csg facilitates market domination by a 3500+ member cooperative
csg enables an independent marketing agency to transform the way it executes campaigns


a matter of urgency

While not an ideal situation for any of the parties involved, in business it’s all but inevitable that an urgent solution will be required from time to time. And if what a client is asking for is within the realm of possibility, csg will do its very best to deliver. Such a case came to csg recently, when our client – a provider of loyalty marketing solutions – was asked by its largest customer – a retail services provider – to deliver prompt and accurate feedback on campaigns. The solution that they described would have to be built from the ground up, and came with one major asterisk: it had to be architected, designed, constructed and implemented within one month. Our client asked us to build it, so that’s what we did.

Over the course of the next four weeks we architected, designed, constructed and implemented an entirely custom solution that not only ticked every single one of the boxes listed by our client, but that also offered a firm foundation on which to build. The solution would grow and evolve with the needs of our client and its largest customer, ensuring that their relationship would remain happy for years to come. You can learn more about this custom, comprehensive and rapid solution in this case study :

customer-specific and rapid: csg builds a pioneering, custom solution in just one month


Whether your organizational issue is one based on growth, inefficiencies, time pressures or indeed anything else, you can trust csg to build a solution that not only solves your problem, but does so in quick time, and with an unmatched level of transparency throughout. These case studies demonstrate that csg's tagline isn’t just a combination of six snappy words dreamed up by savvy marketer. It’s a promise. And it’s one that we deliver on again and again:

csg: igniting data : empowering people

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