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What does winning for us look like? Winning at CSG is doing whatever drives the most value for our clients. That should be the standard of any technology partner you work with.

So how can you tell if a solution drives value?

It answers an immediate need or problem in your organization

How closely is the function of the solution tied to the problems you experience with your software? Do its features closely answer the needs of employees’ responsibilities and workflows? Does it very clearly make a process smoother or enable you to do something for your business that you could not do before? If so it has immediate value for your organization.

It has both long-term and short-term value

Even if a technology solution answers an immediate need, you need to be sure it has long-term value. Consider how the solution will function within your company within the next year, five years, and ten years. What changes do you expect to make to the software within that span of time? Can the solution scale, or will you hit roadblocks if you grow or expand your services?  Ideally, any technology solution will easily scale and be able to grow as fast as your organization does.

It has definite ROI

At CSG our solutions deliver immediate value and positive ROI within 18 months. Is your solution transformative in the way it affects your bottom line? When do you expect to get a return on your investment? For many organizations, new software and data processes mean streamlined supply and finance management, more efficient employee workflows, and game-changing and competitive capabilities. Calculate the anticipated ROI of any new solution, whether it will come through savings or the creation of new opportunities, and assess if it’s worth the investment.

You’ve seen proof of concept.

It’s never bad to ask for proof of concept. Especially with data solutions, many organizations choose to start a new software out in one department to test and prove its value before implementing it organization-wide. If you use a proof of concept, be sure to closely delineate KPIs and track your results to share with key stakeholders.


If a solution meets all of these standards, you can be sure it drives value, and transformation and savings for your organization will follow.

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