It’s Time: 4 Reasons You Need a Technology Consultant ASAP

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So you’re experiencing problems with your software and data systems, but how do you know it’s time to hire a consultant to help?

To cast vision for what your technology should be doing for you, here are 4 reasons you need a technology consultant ASAP:

1- Your team does way too much data entry.

Data entry is a thing of the past. All of your customer, purchase, and sales data can seamlessly integrate with your data analysis and visualization tools. This saves valuable employee time for specialized work that adds more value to your organization and to their position.

2- The systems you have aren’t talking to each other.

Do you have to access several systems at once to get all the information you need about your customers, products, revenue, supplies, and employees? Data exploration and sharing should be simple for every employee. If access issues or difficulty using your software discourages employees from exploring data, it’s time to rethink your technology.

3- You are not taking advantage of the data that you have.

Many organizations don’t realize that they’re sitting on a data gold mine. What if you could use data to immediate identify over-expenditure in certain departments to reduce expenses? Or to recognize the signs of a security threat before it’s too late? Or to understand and target your customer for drastically improved sales and brand recognition? You can do all of this with data. It just takes having the correct systems in place to store it, analyze it, and act.

4- You can’t easily track the success of important initiatives, and it takes too long to get reports.

Can you easily follow up on the performance of your most important initiatives on your own, or do you have to manually request a report from IT and wait for it? Whether you need to track sales initiatives, ad campaigns, or employee success, up-to-date data and analytics solutions provide data in nearly real-time so that you can maneuver your business and internal processes more quickly than ever. (Big hint: You shouldn’t just use your data to find out what went wrong. You should use it to chart the course ahead.)

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